We believe in the effective, efficient and sustainable supply of Energy and Information as a primary driver in the development of communities.

We provide our customers worldwide with superior cable solutions based on state-of-the-art technology and consistent excellence in execution, ultimately delivering sustainable growth and profit

PCM Principal Activities

Development, production and sales of Medium-voltage and high voltage power for application in the residential and non-residential construction sectors



PCM Values & Code of Conduct

Core Values & Code of Conduct
A copy of PCM values and code of conduct is provided to all employees and they are obliged to conduct themselves in a way to demonstrate uncompromising ethical standards in all their dealings with customers, suppliers, government bodies, the public and each other. All employees should review the PCM values and Code of Conduct carefully.
Mission Statement
PCM’s mission is to become one of the world’s leading cable manufacturers, be the best at what we do, with a sound financial basis, a balanced geographical spread and an extensive, technologically advanced product portfolio. In this way, PCM Group aims to be an attractive partner for all its stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders, financiers and suppliers. PCM Group also takes its social obligations seriously by investing in sustainable technology.

Our Core Values


        For the Individual, regardless of their national origin, race, gender, or disability
        For our Customers, Suppliers, and Co-workers
        For the Environment
        For the Communities in which we operate


        In all our relationships which are built and sustained by trust
        In our adherence to the law
         Demonstrated through our Ethical Conduct in everything we do
        To do the “right thing”


        To take action consistent with our responsibilities
        To our Shareholders, Customers, and Co-workers
        To service our customers at the highest level possible
        For our personal growth and contribution to our success
        For our Results


        In executing our business plans, processes, and procedure
        In creating & identifying best practices in industry and implementing them expeditiously


Our Operating Environment

The quality, reliability, delivery, and servicing of our products will meet or exceed our internal and external customers’ requirements and expectations.

Customer Focus
We are committed to meeting or exceeding the requirements of both our internal and external customers, on time, every time, without fail.

Long Term Profitability
We are committed to maintaining a portfolio of businesses with long term, sustainable profitability. This profitability must allow us to reinvest in our business while providing our shareholders with returns consistent with their investment expectations.

Health and Safety
We strive to meet the highest health and safety standards for our employees.

We are committed to providing solutions for our customers by developing new products in partnership with them.

PCM is an organization of inventive business entrepreneurs, pursuing new markets and a broader base of customers for our products. The quality, reliability, delivery, and servicing of our products will meet or exceed our internal and external customers’ requirements and expectations.